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Hi, I'm Sunnyday's sister, I wrote the last journal, I would like to explain what happened.
Some days before I wrote the message, my sister had an operation for a sudden serious health problem.
Thank Goodness everything went well and now she's recovering, but at present she cannot speak and write perfectly so in the next months, I'll help her here in Deviantart.
I read to her all your comments, and she thanks all of you for your kind messages.
In the coming weeks, with Sunnyday next to me, I'll try to post some fan arts that she drew before the "forced pause".
Thanks again and see you soon.

Ciao, sono la sorella di Sunnyday, sono stata io a scrivere lo scorso journal, vorrei spiegarvi cos'è successo.
Qualche giorno prima che scrivessi il journal, mia sorella ha subito un'operazione per un improvviso e serio problema di salute.
Grazie a Dio tutto è andato bene e ora si sta riprendendo, ma al momento non parla nè scrive correttamente così nei prossimi mesi io l'aiuterò qui su Deviantart.
Le ho letto tutti i vostri commenti e vi ringrazia tutti per i vostri gentili messaggi.
Nelle prossime settimane, con Sunnyday vicino a me, cercherò di postare qualche fan arts che aveva disegnato prima della "pausa forzata".
Grazie ancora e a presto.
Hi to everyone, unfortunately I have a serious problem and I have to leave Deviantart for a long time. I would like to thank all those who have followed me in these years.
I hope to return in Deviantart in the next months, it's always a pleasure to be in your company for me.
Good bye for now, Sunnyday.

Ciao a tutti, purtroppo ho un serio problema e devo lasciare Deviantart per molto tempo. Vorrei ringraziare tutti quelli che mi hanno seguita in questi anni.
Spero di ritornare su Deviantart nei prossimi mesi, è sempre un piacere per me stare in vostra compagnia.
Arrivederci per ora, Sunnyday.
Hi to everyone, today I decided to do a special contest.
Many people have asked me many requests and I thanks them for that, but I would like you to be more involved, so I thought to call a some kind of a prize game, that is I need some things about anime and who will bring me these things win a request of your choosing. :D (Big Grin) 

1- I don't know the names of the 2 girls from the episode "Lupin in paradise" from Lupin the third second season, I put the image of the girls:…
Who will let me know their names with the evidence or the links of the sites who proving that, win a request.

2) There is an episode of X Men the animated series unpublished in the show, in this episode there are Deadpool, Ms Marvel, Jean Grey, Cyclops and Beast working together. I'm searching some sequence of this episode. I put the links of some scenes:……………

Who will give me some animated sequence or images from this episode,win a request.

3) I'm searching for the complete series of Gatchaman F (or Gatchaman third series), in high quality and without tv logo. Who will give me this series win some requests.

4) I'm looking for the complete series of Cho Supercar Gattiger in high quality and without tv logo.
 Who will give me this series win some requests.

C'mon boys and girls take a challenge and let me see how much you care about the requests!

Hi to everyone!
A few words about me and my great passion. Since I was child I started to follow and appreciate cartoons, Disney movies at the cinema and anime on tv and, as many others, I began drawing copying my favourites.
Honestly I didn't draw only cartoons but also people that I met to the school or to the work, in their portraits I underlined their characteristics making funny caricatures. Then, there were many things and I leave the drawings for years. Browsing Deviantart I appreciated the ableness and the artworks of many artists, but I didn't think to restart to draw. One day I was impressed by a tutorial of Cosmic Falcon 70…, which explained how to draw a character with the pose from a picture and I
restarted to draw, this time, with graphics tablet and pen.
One of my favourites website is Jem vs Pranceatron…, I like the model sheets, the looks and the poses, so I tried to do some drawings and they were very welcome.
This made me happy, so I started to make models for other animated series like Diabolik track of the panther, Lupin the third, Marvel, etc.
To make a model isn't easy, you must be careful to each particular: buttons, shoes, earrings and many other details, sometimes I forget something.
Often my fan arts subjects are not conventional characters, I prefer the villains or characters that are present in only one episode but they have something special. I also like to make funny fan arts like Typhoid Mary and Kingpin, Fujiko vs Emmanuelle, etc.
My favourite anime may be considered passed but I think don't exist ancient cartoons but mythical cartoons.
Finally I'd like to thank all the people who follow me, comment me and upload my works in their gallery and I hope to transmit to you, through my fan arts, all my enthusiasm.

See you.     Sunnyday    Sunnyday by sunnyday2000